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Installation Services

Our team has over 40 years’ experience in the service and installation of all types of industrial commercial and residential doors. Contact us for a FREE estimate.


Maintenance Services

Nash Gil Doors Inc has a simple business model. We know that regular maintenance and service reduces operating costs. We provide a free site visit that would enable us to review the current state of any sectional garage doors / roll up doors / man doors / fire doors / security gates and loading docks at your facility. We then tailor a maintenance program that best suits your needs at a fraction of what an emergency repair may cost you and keeps the above-mentioned equipment in good working order throughout the year to minimize any costly after hour callouts and repairs. We typically suggest the service be completed twice yearly however it would depend on the frequency of which the equipment is utilized. Contact us today for your FREE no obligation quote!



Nash Gil Doors Inc provides an Overhead Door training course developed to  enhance you and your staff with the basics of identifying, trouble shooting and even conducting minor repairs on the overhead doors at your facility. The course is geared towards the commercial and industrial mining sector to customers such as Vale Canada however can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Contact us now to enroll!


Consultation Services

Are you struggling to decide on what type of door or secured gate access would best suit you or your customers current and or future needs? We have helped many engineers, architects, project managers and homeowners make the best educated decision prior to the specification or purchase of a suitable product. Its important to get it right the first time and our team specializes in analyzing the pertinent information in respect to your project and provides you with a written recommendation of products and pricing best suited for the application and budget. Contact us to meet with our team!


We install what we sell and sometimes even what we don’t. Our team has extensive
knowledge of the construction industries and sometimes our skill sets bring us beyond the installation of a garage door. Contact us with your project requirements!

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